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Ghost of Mine

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We are Löwin


Löwin debuted in March of 2014 at SXSW in Austin, TX. Initially the creative baby of Sara Houser (The Couch), Löwin became a full band endeavor with the help of Michael Sanders, Chris DeGeorge, and Nate Ribner. 

Taking their moniker from the German word for “lioness,” Löwin’s sound can be described as a balance between masculine and feminine soundscapes with loud guitars and bombastic arrangements coupled with delicate melodies and textures. Much like the band’s spirit animal, Löwin’s songs stem from the duality of fierce and gentle with the idea that the two sentiments are not mutually exclusive.


Vocals, Guitar, Keys / Sara Houser
Lead Guitar, Vocals / Michael David Sanders
Bass / Nathan Ribner
Drums / Chris Degeorge



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Say Say

by Löwin

Recorded at Sounds Outrageous in Austin, TX
Engineered and Co-Produced by Lars Goransson
Mastered at Kevorkian Mastering in New York, NY
Music written by Löwin
Lyrics by Sara Houser

Music Video

I'm not one to bury I just dig little holes
One for you and the girl I used to know
I tried to be civil I tried to be kind
Some things they just don't leave the mind

You knocked the wind out of me
I'm just here to get it back

Was it me was it you
Is seeing double just something that you do
Am I the first and will I be the last

How many ghosts are behind me
Just swallowed in the past
You knocked the wind out of me
I'm just here to get it back

Say say say you are my friend
Like I've gotta take take take what I can get